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NT Branch Vice-President


Errol arrived in Australia from Singapore as an unskilled migrant in 2009 and graduated law school in 2018 at the age of 38.

At first, he experienced culture shock and contemplated returning to Asia but eventually, began to feel at home. Errol has now seen Australia from the ground up, washing dogs, assembling furniture in a factory, driving trucks to rural and remote communities, operating forklifts in a machine yard, servicing equipment and installing solar panels under the blistering Northern Territory sun.

While the life of a labourer was rich and rewarding, Errol chooses to apply himself and seek educational opportunities when presented with the chance in 2015 following naturalisation.

Law School was another culture shock, but Errol pushed through and graduated with first-class honours and a scholarship to attend Harvard Law School for a clinical program on immigration and refugee law post-graduation. Errol’s toughest struggle was proving to himself that he had what it took to become a lawyer as he had so many doubts about his life choices, especially because he was then a fulltime university student without a fixed income doing any causal work he could find.

During Errol’s time labouring and schooling in Australia, he become acquainted with many Asian migrants who were supportive of his circumstances and who provided bowls of rice as well as words of encouragement. The pride of the community was Errol’s own pride and he found that his practice was bolstered by his friends’ referrals and business. Watching Errol’s transition had instilled absolute confidence in his supporters because they too had been through this plight with him from the start.

Errol believes his unique experiences enables him to contribute to AALA both as a migrant from Asia as well as an Australian who had a “fair go”.