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National Treasurer


Nai Yan is passionate about what the Asian Australian Lawyers Association stands for - promoting cultural diversity in the law. For it is not simply about having more Asian and Asian Australian lawyers, as the perception may be. It is about creating a community of support, about pushing the discussion and the hard conversations, about challenging the unconscious bias we all have and the lack of awareness of its existence and effects. It's about role models so young students, lawyers and other professionals have someone to look up to that looks like them, so that they believe that they can be successful in spite of, but also because of, their differences.

Nai Yan's involvement with the AALA began in 2017, when she assisted the then National Treasurer with finance and membership matters, before stepping up as Interim Treasurer in August 2019, and then elected as National Treasurer at the 2019 AGM. Nai Yan was admitted as a lawyer in Victoria in December 2019, and works full-time as a management consultant in Canberra.