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ACT Branch President


Veer is our inaugural ACT AALA President, the first South Asian President and first Sikh to hold an executive position in AALA's history. By day, Veer is a Government Commercial Lawyer who specialises in IP, Probity, Procurement and Contracting. In the past, Veer has worked with various Private and Public sector clients e.g. UC, CSU, Monash University, Justice Connect, Department of Agriculture and Department of Defence. Veer is passionate about supporting mental health, social justice, empowering inclusive discussions, equality for all and Seva (A tenet of Sikhism) i.e. the service of others, which for us lawyers embodies itself in the form of Pro-bono services. In the past, Veer has been a University Coordinator (NSW) for Amnesty International Australia, a Secondee to the Pro Bono Clearing House at the Law Society and currently Veer is a National Culture and Identity Network Leader at Sparke Helmore Lawyers. When not working, in order to balance his built up stress and anxiety levels you can find Veer hiking, camping, snowboarding or riding a motorcycle. Veer speaks Punjabi, Hindi and English.