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The AALA Members’ Blackboard is an interactive online discussion forum where members can post anything they would like to share with other members. 

The AALA Members’ Blackboard will assist in building our member-to-member engagement and provide a forum for knowledge sharing. It will also provide a platform to support members’ wellbeing.

A key objective is to provide members with an open and friendly virtual space in which to discuss and inform each other and share ideas, opportunities and concerns.

The pandemic has necessitated changes to the way we interact with each other, to our work schedules, and to our work arrangements. The AALA Members’ Blackboard will facilitate an exchange of members’ ideas so that we can survive and thrive in these challenging times. It will evolve over time, depending on members’ feedback and usage.

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To post, please follow these steps:

You must be an AALA member to post. If you have not renewed your membership, please do so now by logging in to your account and renewing your membership here.

Of course, if you are not yet a member of the AALA, we warmly invite you to join!

Before you post, please e-mail  for the password.

Once you receive the password, you can login and add posts by clicking on the pink “add post” button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. You can also comment on any other posts. You can post anonymously, or sign up for a free Padlet account to post as a registered user.

Please post respectfully and ethically. The AALA Members’ Blackboard is moderated and AALA reserves the right to remove any posts. For example, AALA will remove any posts that do not meet our posting guidelines – these guidelines are published on the AALA Members’ Blackboard. All users of the AALA Members’ Blackboard must abide by the relevant solicitors’ and/or barristers’ conduct rules applicable in your jurisdiction.

Looking forward to seeing you posting on our AALA Members’ Blackboard!

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