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Dedicated to improving our Member experience and value, the AALA National Executive have released our 2022 AALA Member Survey.

The 2022 AALA Member Survey has three key objectives:

  1. to understand who our Members are;

  2. to understand the expectations of our Members and whether we meet these expectations; and

  3. to improve our advocacy in pursuing our fundamental objective, being to promote cultural diversity and inclusion in legal profession.

We are committed to providing maximum benefits to our Members, being our corporate and individuals members, including our sponsors whose support we genuinely appreciate. Understanding the demographics of our Membership will shape our strategy for the coming years, ensuring we have the type of opportunities desired by our Membership, offered in the way and places required by our Members.

As a national organisation completely founded and run by grass-root volunteers, being fellow students and legal professionals, we are here to lead the conversation on cultural diversity in a way that is inclusive. To support the sustainable growth of our organisation, AALA continues to recruit in every Australian state and territory, implementing formal policies that govern and guide the work we do. As our Membership grows, we get one step closer to achieving genuine intergenerational change. The small conversations we can spark in the elevator, the hard core data we help collect and publish, and the networking and support opportunities we provide, all lay the foundations for genuine change. The work we do is underpinned by the fundamental understanding that change starts with us: us as individuals, leading major branches, communities, and boards and driven by the faith that a better tomorrow exists;- that the work we do matters.

So, tell us what matters to you. Tell us who you are and how we can continue to drive change.

Be the change. Complete our 2022 AALA Member Survey.

The Survey is open to all registered AALA Members and closes Wednesday 31 August 2022.


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