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NSW Branch Committee Member


Before setting up his own firm Phillip had worked as an employed solicitor for companies such as Deloitte, Woolworths IT Division, and Conway MacCallum (later known as Diamond Conway Lawyers).

Phillip has now established his own international boutique firm called PCR Law & Associates which is based at Clarence Professional Chambers. He advises primarily in the areas of technology law, civil litigation, business law, wills and estates, property and family law.

Before becoming a solicitor Phillip lived for three and half years in Japan where he worked as an English language teacher. He then moved to the United States where he did graduate studies in intercultural management and became a cross-cultural trainer. His specialty was in training Westerners on being effective in Japanese and other Asian cultures. He often did this with co-trainers from Japanese or Asian backgrounds.

Upon returning to Australia he continued his professional connection with Asia by working in the Asia-Pacific Research Institute at Macquarie University. There he worked on a range of projects such as editing the magazine Access China and organising short courses for Asian professionals from overseas.

Phillip continues to be intensely interested in cross-cultural issues and in his spare time he enjoys speaking Japanese or Vietnamese whenever he can.

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