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The Members of the New South Wales Branch of AALA live and work across NSW - connecting with colleagues practising in the central business district heartland of Sydney through to  Western Sydney and beyond.

The NSW Branch Committee is committed to working with a variety of firms, professional bodies and advocacy groups on advancing cultural diversity in the legal profession. We believe that true advancement comes from collaboration and the sharing of many stories to achieve a collective purpose. We believe in accountability and encourage our Members to themselves put into action steps to achieve the AALA Objectives by participating in the NSW Branch and the work we do. The NSW Branch Committee operates flexibly and welcomes all members of our community. 

​In 2021, the NSW Branch proudly announced Ms Katrina Rathie as the NSW State Patron. Acknowledging a long history of collaboration, we are honoured to have Ms Rathie join us as a leader and visionary to help shape and lead our work.

The NSW Branch Committee pays our respects to the Traditional Owners of the lands where we work, live and learn.  We acknowledge Elders, past, present and emerging and will continue to work with and advocate for the respect of elders, land and community with the objective of celebrating intersectional diversity and empowerment of all First Nations people worldwide. 

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The NSW Branch consists of the Committee Members and Members. The Committee Members are elected by Members at each Annual General Meeting. The purpose of the Committee is to steer and lead the NSW Branch, advocating for and behalf of Members and to work with the National Executive to achieve the collective AALA Objectives. 

The NSW Committee Members meet every three months and host regular events and launch projects that directly assist and celebrate our Members. To join the NSW Branch as an elected Committee Member, you must be a registered Member of AALA. We encourage you to attend the NSW Branch meetings and participate in our work before applying to be a Committee Member. We are an intersectional Branch and enjoy a diversity of voices, backgrounds and experiences and encourage all students and practitioners to join the NSW Branch as a Committee Member.

For more information about the NSW Branch Committee and how we operate, please read our Constitution and Policies, or contact us at

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The NSW Branch currently has three Subcommittees.

All Members are welcome to join and participate in a NSW Subcommittee. You do not have to be an elected Committee Member to participate in a NSW Subcommittee. Subcommittees are a great opportunity for Members to focus on an area of advocacy or a particular issue that you are personally invested in. We encourage our Members to join an existing Subcommittee or reach out to us to launch your own subcommittee. Subcommittees are a great way to get to know AALA and work directly on projects that help achieve the AALA Objectives.

To get in contact with a NSW Subcommittee Chair, contact us at

1. NSW Student Subcommittee

Chaired by Committee Member, Chelsea Wu, the objective of the NSW Student Subcommittee is to engage with universities and our student Members. 

In 2021, the Student Subcommittee worked with the National Executive to launch the NSW Mentoring Program, connecting students and junior practitioners to the wider legal profession.

2. NSW Data and Policy Subcommittee

Chaired by Committee Member, Lee-May Saw, the objective of the NSW Data and Policy Subcommittee is to advocate for and work on projects that promote the collection of data that is required for a meaningful insight into cultural diversity. The just collection of and equitable access to such data helps form meaningful policies and funding for genuine cultural diversity and access to the law.

In 2021, the NSW Data and Policy Subcommittee have worked with the National Executive to submit a paper to the Australian Law Reform Commission in its Review of Judicial Impartiality Inquiry 2021.  The NSW Data and Policy Subcommittee continue to work with bodies such as the NSW Law Society and NSW Bar Association to expand its work and advocacy. 

3. NSW Foreign Qualified Lawyers Subcommittee

Chaired by Committee Member, Kripi Bhatt, the NSW Foreign Qualified Lawyers Subcommittee (FQL Subcommittee) is unique as it operates nationally. Established in 2020 by foreign qualified lawyers, for foreign qualified lawyers, the FQL Subcommittee meet regularly to provide a space of support to foreign qualified lawyers.

In 2021, the FQL Subcommittee has hosted numerous events, including a drafting workshop with Sue Tomat and have launched the FQL Frequently Asked Questions Guide. 

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